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NCERT solution for class 12 physics (all chapter)are available here for the perusal of up board and CBSE class 12 physics student

Course Curriculum

Unit-1 Electrostatics (स्थिरवैद्युतिकि )
1-Electric charge and fields 00:00:00
2- Electrostatic potential and capacity 00:00:00
Unit-2 Current Electricity(धारा विद्युत् )
3-Current Electricity 00:00:00
Unit-3 Magnetic Effects of current and magnetism
Ch-4 moving charges and magnetism field 00:00:00
Ch-5 Magnetism and 00:00:00
Unit-4 Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating currents (विद्युत्चुंबकीय प्रेरण और प्रत्यावर्तीधारा )
Ch-6 Electromagnetic induction 00:00:00
Ch-7 Alternating current 00:00:00
Unit-5 Electromagnetic Waves (विद्युतचुंबकीय तरंगे )
Ch-8 Electromagnetic waves 00:00:00
Unit-6 Optics (प्रकाशिकी )
Ch-9 Ray optics and optical instruments 00:00:00
Ch-10 wave optics 00:00:00
Unit-7 Dual nature of radiation and matter
Ch-11 Dual matter of rediation 00:00:00
Unit-8 Atom and Nuclei (परमाणु तथा नाभिक)
Ch-11 Atoms 00:00:00
Unit-9 Electronic devices (इलेक्ट्रॉनिक )युक्तियाँ

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